What We Believe


In God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the creator and sustainer of the heavens and the earth.  

Jesus is the Eternal Word of God who took upon himself human flesh. (John 1:14).

Jesus is God’s expression of the Divine Love and His compassion for sinners is demonstrated through Jesus’ death on the cross in our place, how God overcame sin and death by resurrecting Jesus from the dead and has given eternal life to those who believe in Him.

Eternal life begins at the moment we are born from above into His Kingdom. Our eternal life is both quantitative and qualitative. Our salvation is a dynamic process.

The Bible is the Word of God in written form (2nd Timothy 3:16-17) and daily prayer is the duty and privilege of the believer.

The Church is the Body of Christ and is comprised of believers who have committed themselves to a living faith in Jesus Christ.

In the worth and dignity of all individuals because we know God loves each of us without qualification.  Our church welcomes and is open to everyone.


Christians should practice regular giving to the sustenance of the local church, its mission and ministry.

Christian Baptism is done by immersion for those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior and have a clear understanding of Baptism.


Lowe’s Grove Baptist Church is aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention and is an active member of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Triangle West Baptist Network.