Church History

History of our Church

Early in 1890, a Sunday School began on the porch of a home near the intersection of Alston Avenue and highway 54. Farther south on Alston Avenue, near the Wake County line, another congregation was meeting at the High Point Baptist Church. These two groups agreed to work together and become one church. On September 20, 1909, the Lowe's Grove Baptist Church was organized. The new church met in the Lowe's Grove School House. The Lowe's Grove School and Church enjoyed a unique bond as teachers and principals participated in the church activities. The Rev. R.E. Atkins was called as pastor at a salary of $100.00 per year. A Church Building Fund began immediately.

In 1910, on donated land located near the site of Lowe's Grove School Agriculture Building, construction of the first Lowe's Grove Church building (34’x54’ with 18’ pitch) began with $299.75 in funds. Many pledges of faith, labor and material were made by the members. Records show the cost of church was $741.35. The Church was accepted into the Mt. Zion Association.

In 1925 this little frame church building was moved across the road to approximately the same site as the present church. The building was remodeled with a stucco finish, the basement was added, and the cemetery was moved to its present location.

In 1946 Dr. Charles E. Maddry, a retired Foreign Missionary, was called as interim pastor. He led the church in a dream of a new church facility. As a result, the church elected a building committee and proceeded with developing plans for the new church.

Lowe's Grove gives to and participates in local and foreign missions. Several times when neighborhood homes were destroyed or damaged by fire, the church has assisted in repairing the damage or rebuilding the home. In 2000 and 2001 members participated in Yates Association mission trips to South Africa.

Lowe's Grove Baptist Church stands proudly today knowing that with God's help and guidance it will accomplish its mission to serve well into the future.

Steadfast In Purpose.