A Word from the Pastor

As I sit in my office, I have the windows open letting fresh air fill the office as I work on Sunday morning. Over the roof of the fellowship hall, the sky is dark and ominous looking as a storm makes its way toward us.

Storms remind me of my grandmother. She was a strong lady of faith, but storms frightened her. When a storm would come, everything was unplugged and you had to sit quietly until the storm passed. Having been a fire fighter, I am not a big fan of storms. I have stood in the middle of a hurrican helping people, been drowned in rain at car wrecks, and helped to carry a sick person to the ambulance in snnow.

When I milked cows, I hated storms as they tended to make the cows jumpy and thereby making the milking process even more difficult. A cow has the tendency to mess up during a storm requiring you to go and join her to fix their oops. I am not a big fan of storms.

Storms, however, are a part of life. As we look over the power of a storm, we can get a glimpse at the power of God. My daufghter, Rebecca, recently wne through a tornado and she was the most scared she has ever been. The storm was quick and powerful, destroying the home she was in at the time. Someone once said that if you are not in a storm right now, just hang on, for one is coming. 

I  remember the story of Jesus in a boat with His disciples. Jesus is taking a nap in the back of the boat when the storm arises. The disciples are afraidn and theyu call out to Jesus, "Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?" (Mark 4:38b, ESV). Jesus rises and speaks to the storm "Peace, be still" (Mark 4:39b, ESV).

Casting Crowns is one of my favorite singing groups. The lyrics of their songs can carry a lot of meaning. One of the songs which means a lot to me is Who Am I? has as a lyric, "Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin, would look on me with love and watch me rise again? Who am I, that the voice that calmed the storm would call out through the rain and calm the storm in me?"

I, like you, face many storms. I try to walk with folks with storms they are facing. I try to be a rock in the midst of torrents falling around me. I am my onw worst critic and I know very well my failures and shortcomings. Even when I have tried my best, I see the errors and mistakes crystal clear played out in my head. I know my insecurities and many times as I try to go to sleep, my mistakes haunt me. I identifyu with Benjamin Martin atthe beginning of the movie The Patriot, where Martin says, "I have long feared my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear." I understand this. Too often I have recounted the day and I hang my head in shame at the missed opportunities and the manifold ways I have failed.

It is at these times I am most like the disciples, crying out to Jesus, "Jesus, do you not care?" Yet, I also take heart that yes, Jesus does care and Jesus does love. It is at those times I need to hear the voice of Jesus saying, "Peace be still." I am thankful we serve a God who loves us. I am thankful we serve a Savior who can calm the storms of the sea and can calm the storms brewing in myheart. Jesus does care and Jesus does love. Thank God.